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Fitness center construction is a beneficial addition to any apartment complex, townhome, condo, or place of work. We also specialize in state-of-the-art standalone commercial fitness center construction as well, including full warehouse conversion projects. Whether it’s a small fitness center in the basement of an apartment or a large fitness center that needs a complete renovation, we have the project managing skills and the right equipment to handle any fitness center construction project. Call us today and discuss how we can construct or transform the ultimate fitness center.

Our fitness center construction projects include:

  • Initial design consultation
  • Safety and aesthetic requirements
  • Ceiling raising
  • Warehouse conversion
  • Studios (for exercise, dance and yoga classes)
  • Low-impact flooring
  • Mirrors
  • Soundproof walls
  • Rock-climbing walls
  • Storage
  • Locker rooms
  • Electrical servicing
  • Wet area planning (if there is pool or spa)
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