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Low-Rise Construction
Low-Rise Construction



The pre-construction stage is a collaborative planning phase between the owner, the design team and ACH Construction. We confer with the client and all other parties to establish a series of cost estimations, feasibility reports and other important design considerations before moving on to the next step. Pre-construction is where all financial, scheduling, and permit-related questions are clearly addressed.

We offer the following pre-construction services:

  • Budgeting (with detailed input from experienced subcontractors)
  • Buildability review – An outline of the construction process during all of its intended phases.
  • Subcontractor and supplier considerations
  • Design team suggestions for finish materials and general infrastructure (plumbing, electric work, and HVAC system recommendations)
  • Value engineering techniques
  • Permit pulls
  • Financing options
General contractor

The general contractor assumes responsibility for every aspect of the construction project, from the first day until the final product is ready to be delivered. As such, the general contractor regularly communicates with all supply vendors, subcontractors, architects, designers and everyone else to ensure continuous project momentum. In addition to keeping all parties working in unison, the general contractor is also responsible for:

  • Project scheduling and management
  • Supervision during onsite operations
  • Construction design oversight
  • Handling subcontractor bids
  • Heavy equipment and materials acquisition
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Above all else, client satisfaction
Construction project management

The general contractor is responsible for choosing all project overseers as well as the subcontractors. Choosing the right job foreman and production supervisor is of the utmost importance. The job foreman serves directly under the general contractor and the production supervisor coordinates all remodeling and construction.

ACH Construction has the proper construction project management skills and background to:

  • Review and negotiate contracts
  • Review construction design plans
  • Add or remove staff as needed
  • Perform critical path method (CPM) scheduling to determine critical project decisions
  • Conduct value engineering exercises
  • Inspect construction for quality assurance
  • Monitor productivity using exact statistics



At ACH Construction, the end of the project is not the end of our professional working relationship with the client. We perform many post-construction services to ensure all agreed-upon aspects of the project have been met and the client is fully satisfied. We deliver excellent post-construction services as both a courtesy and a reminder of our distinguished professionalism.

Our post-construction services include:

  • Follow-up communications after the project has been completed and turned over to the owner
  • Additional modifications for enhanced functionality
  • Review of all agreed-upon project goals and criteria
  • Professional guidance for proper maintenance
  • Warranty and service programs



Subcontractor construction services

ACH Construction's longstanding reputation and history of proven relationships with subcontractors makes the bidding and staffing process as fast and efficient as possible. We are able to perform many aspects of construction that other companies simply cannot complete on their own due to a lack of expertise and connections. Our in-house crews consist of expert carpenters, painters and floor technicians who have demonstrated excellent results on all of our commercial and residential projects. Call us today to learn more about how our veteran in-house crew can complete your residential or commercial project with minimum subcontracting.

If you share these values:
  • Long-term relationships over short-term profit
  • Maintaining an honorable and thorough reputation
  • Understanding the value of effective cooperation and collaboration
  • The necessary foresight to identify and take on challenges and reasonable risks for future gains
  • Using every opportunity to your best advantage
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