Anton Sibrin, Director of Operations at DITTO Residential

We value the architectural details of our projects with great reverence. Most of our projects involve challenging demands that require high quality construction, which is why we have been pleased with our decision to partner with ACH Group LLC for some of our projects in Washington DC. They have a terrific approach, and their team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise. These traits, coupled with creative design ingenuity, is what allowed us to continuously provide a superior value for our clients.
Moreover, their team is capable of accurately managing the construction process in spite of tricky obstacles. They absolutely know every job is different and will pay great attention that is needed.
I hold them in high regard and look forward to continuing and growing our relationship.

If you share these values:
  • Long-term relationships over short-term profit
  • Maintaining an honorable and thorough reputation
  • Understanding the value of effective cooperation and collaboration
  • The necessary foresight to identify and take on challenges and reasonable risks for future gains
  • Using every opportunity to your best advantage
Then we invite you
to be our partner

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