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ACH Construction is a construction devision of ACH Group LLC. Our Product is the project management process that keeps the job going quickly, efficiently, and on budget while still providing an exceptional level of communication to all parties involved. 

Our Client is a variety of customers: a developer trying to build or renovate a new project; an architect looking to give a recommendation; a small business owner in search of a build-out for a new space; a property management company or owner of multifamily properties looking to renovate.

Our Guiding Goal

We are driven by a passion for building long term relationships with our clients, partners, and investors by consistently providing premium services and products. We also strive to offer affordable prices by constantly improving our business processes, professional skills, and by promoting the personal growth of our team.

We know that taking risks is crucial for growth and success, but that doesn't mean taking foolish risks. Given equal options, we should always choose to push the envelope as much as possible.

Long Term Relationships and Constant Professional and Personal Growth

“Success is on the far side of failure.” – Thomas Watson, Sr.

Core values


  • We recognize and assume responsibility for the work that needs to be done.
  • We are persistent and dedicated to completing a task or goal.
  • We go the extra mile.
  • We put ourselves in others’ shoes when defining problems and when considering actions or solutions.
  • We trust others and build their trust in us.
  • We communicate in a clear and concise manner because we value other people’s time more than our own.
  • We are a delight to be around.
  • We follow the golden rule.
  • We see the positive side of things while still being realistic.
  • We use humor when it’s appropriate.
  • We are known for candor and directness.
  • We seek knowledge and growth not because someone else wants us to gain knowledge and grow, but because we want to.
  • We challenge the status quo and constantly experiment to find better ways to do things.
  • We solve problems, not symptoms.
  • We are humble and recognize that there’s always more to learn and that new perspectives always have value.
  • We consider what is best for the company rather than only what is best for ourselves.
  • We are ego-less when searching for the best ideas and solutions.
  • Ours colleagues rave about the amazing results that we produce.
  • We are resourceful and persistent in identifying the right problems to solve.
  • We hold others accountable and question actions that are inconsistent with our values and principles.
  • We recognize when a conversation needs to happen and speak up, even when it’s a difficult topic.
  • We embrace conflict and are hard on content and soft on people.
  • We ask dumb questions.
  • We are comfortable saying “I don’t know.”
To create the future for our communities while being a well-trusted #1 partner for our clients
Our mission is devoted to making life around us joyful by creating social spaces and a brighter cityspace

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles represent what we believe in our hearts.
They act as our compasses in case we get lost.

Long term relationships over short term profits

Valuing customers and investor loyalty as well as good vendor relationships over ventures that could get you cash faster.

Maintaining an honorable and respectable reputation

Ensuring the credibility of the brand and the trust of the customers and investors through outstanding quality, responsiveness and ethics.

Understanding the value of effective cooperation and collaboration

Knowing that the best results can only be achieved when every member of the team has the opportunity to fully realize their potential and make a contribution to the common cause of the company.

Having the necessary foresight to identify and take on challenges and reasonable risks for future gains

Any challenge or difficulty should be seen not as a potential disaster, but as a great opportunity to get valuable experience and knowledge that can give the company a boost in the future.

Using every opportunity to benefit our clients and investors

Understanding that every challenging project, regardless of its scope, is a great new opportunity to challenge ourselves and set a higher standard for our performance.

Embracing constant improvement on the organizational, team, and personal levels

There is always some room for improvement, no matter how small it is. We believe that a passion for growth is what has kept our company alive through the years, especially during challenging times.

Knowing That Change is Good

We believe that few things are permanent. It’s also why we don’t complain when there's something we don’t like. Instead, we do something about it while still remembering, of course, that the team comes before any individual employee.

Alan Kay said, “The best way to predict your future is to invent it”. If you don’t like what the present says about your future, change it!

A history of ACH

Pavel's first steps in commercial construction. Renovation of hotel bathrooms and lobby as superintendent at KTJ Construction, LLC in College Park, MD.
September, 2007
7-story Holiday Inn in Mesa, AZ was completed by the team led by Pavel. This was his first major commercial renovation as project manager for KTJ Construction, LLC
July, 7, 2009
ACH Group, LLC was officially registered. This marks the new beginning, full of hopes and opportunities but not without failures.
October, 2012
ACH made a decision to make basement remodeling and finishing services its focus.
December, 2014
As the year came to an end we began to realize that basement services had brought in more revenue than any other activity.
We officially became the #1 Basement Company in the region with over 500 basement projects completed. 13 employees and a network of over 20 subcontractors totaling to over 80 people daily (at times) on ACH Group LLC (Basement Masters) projects.
September, 2016
As part of a collaboration with one of the top local DC developers Ditto Residential, ACH was awarded the contract for a 15,000 sq.ft. 8-unit multifamily building needing to be completed. Followed up by a 10,000 sq.ft. 6-unit state-of-the-art project in Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC.
April, 2017
BasementRemodeling.com became a lead generation resource for local companies who are in need of high-potential and high-margin home improvement projects. ACH began to reduce its basement renovation business while still focusing on commercial projects taking place.
Summer, 2017
A new company under the old name was born. You have probably read more on this already.
February, 2018
ACH is revitalized with fresh ideas and a new amazing team of forward thinking individuals.
If you share these values:
  • Long-term relationships over short-term profit
  • Maintaining an honorable and thorough reputation
  • Understanding the value of effective cooperation and collaboration
  • The necessary foresight to identify and take on challenges and reasonable risks for future gains
  • Using every opportunity to your best advantage
Then we invite you
to be our partner

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